“Can I please have some quiet in this house!” my dad would occasionally shout when his three shrieking daughters got the best of him. Since he was usually mild mannered, my sisters and I would take pity. We’d close our bedroom door or race to the backyard to continue our hot, gossipy conversation, allowing poor dad to have the quiet he desired.

When I reflect on those times, what strikes me now is the lost opportunity my sisters and I could have had if we’d used Dad’s admonitions to enjoy our own peaceful silence. It is an experience I did…

Image by Nikola Pešková

Once we’re sprung from isolation and back to our regular life, should all our old friends still be with us?

Sprinkled through the many terrible realities of this pandemic have been a few good ones. For me, the best thing has being slowing down and reassessing aspects of my life — something, like many of you, I should have been doing all along but was too caught up in busyness and routines to bother.

This has led me to reevaluate my friends: who they are, how I acquired them, and, most crucially, whether the friendships are truly worth continuing when…

If you haven’t yet felt like you’re losing it — ready to yell at the first person you encounter, throw your television across the room, or run screaming from your home — just wait. With a pandemic in full swing, with so many jobs hanging on a knife’s edge, and with all the ugliness being flung around this election season, even those of us who meditate regularly can easily lose our peace.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to keep yourself from melting down. It’s such a simple exercise you’ll wonder why you haven’t done it before. …

The Root chakra is considered the prime source of human power, but that’s true only for men

Women get their power from the second, or sacral, chakra, pictured here

If you’ve been taught that your spiritual power base is down at the bottom, the Root chakra that’s associated with grounding and support, you’ve been misled.

For those who female-identify, your crucial power base is actually the second chakra. This became clear to energy-worker and author Lisa Erickson when she began reading the original teachings of spiritual and energy masters, not the versions passed along in the West. …

If you’re feeling cooped up, terrified of the news, or just wanting a way to center yourself now that the gym, parks, and retail therapy aren’t options, try my brief but powerful centering techniques

Image by AV_Photographer from Pixabay

It’s been only one measly week since many of us were told to go home and stay there, but already everyone I know is jumping out of their skin.

These are definitely trying times, whether we live in an area where hospitals are already overwhelmed or are watching that on TV, whether we’re home alone and feeling lonely or have kids and a partner suddenly in…

It’s not easy, but with the right mindfulness tools even this most stressful of times can be soothed

“Something doesn’t look right. We need to do more testing.”

If you’ve ever heard those words come out of your doctor’s mouth, you know the pounding heart and sweaty palms that instantaneously follow.

Trying to keep calm when your doctor is unsure of your medical diagnosis is one of the most challenging things you can do. I don’t care if you’ve been a meditator your whole life. The wait for a medical diagnosis can suddenly transform you into an anxious, sniveling mess.

The words almost came out of my mouth the moment I opened a sweet colleague’s gift of locally sourced wildflower honey. They were right there, ready to emerge, before I was even consciously aware I was about to utter them:

“Oh, you shouldn’t have.”

Fortunately, this time I stopped them in my tonsils.

No doubt you’ve said words like these a million times. Maybe “Giving me that gift was so unnecessary.” Or, “I didn’t need you to get me anything.” Or, that classic, “You shouldn’t have.”

But this holiday season those words are not going to pass my lips. No…

Brahma Kumaris, including Sister Jenna, second from right

Over the years I have been to many yoga ashrams for my personal spiritual development. All of them have been terrific places, but one thing they all have in common is that the top swamis running the organizations have uniformly been men.

So it was a pleasant surprise for me to recently learn that there’s a spiritual movement in the yoga tradition run by and largely populated by women. Called the Brahma Kumaris (BKs), which means daughters of Brahma in Sanskrit, women are front and center. This was a conscious decision by its founder in India in the 1930s, in…

Perhaps, like me, you know how valuable it is to steady your crazily ping-ponging brain with a mindfulness practice. And maybe like me you’ve thought, hell no whenever an expert suggests that the way to do this is by meditating an hour every morning — and maybe even another before bed!

The good news from my own experience and those of many experts I have interviewed over the years is that, while a steady sitting practice is certainly valuable, you can get the benefits of peaceful stillness by sprinkling mini mindfulness practices throughout your day — minutes or moments at…

A few weeks ago, as Hurricane Dorian was bearing down on the Bahamas and menacing my own state of Florida, I started pondering who would most be needed to rescue and rebuild whichever areas got hit. Doctors would be important, of course, as well as supply-chain experts ensuring that crucial food and water get where they need to go.

But really, the most valuable people in situations like these are blue-collar workers — the cops, fire rescue, roofers, tree cutters, and handymen, not to mention those brave guys who always appear after a natural disaster to save stranded, desperate people…

Meryl Davids Landau

Author of the award-winning mindfulness/yoga women’s novels Warrior Won and Downward Dog, Upward Fog. Longtime magazine health and lifestyle writer.

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